Gmerlin player

With the well known GUI of the 0.1.x series but completely new internals, it brings convenient media playing facilities to your PC.

New in the 0.3.x series is the media tree, which lets you have not just one playlist but a whole tree of playlists (called albums). You can create albums and subalbums, move and copy tracks with drag & drop, even while the player plays. You can load new tracks via dialogs or simply by dropping files, media URLs (like "Tune in" buttons) or whatever from webbrowsers or filemanagers onto an album. You can also load an entire directory tree into an album. Subdirectories will become subalbums then.

There are some fixed albums, which represent plugins controlling hardware devices (e.g. CDROM drives). Each device plugin will automatically create the available devices as subalbums. You are able to play VCDs, Audio CDs and DVDs.

Furthermore, there is an Incoming album, which collects tracks from the commandline or from the remote, and a Favourites album, to which you can copy tracks from other albums. Right click onto the tree and the albums, and context sensitive menus will tell you your options.

Below, you see screenshots. Click the images to enlarge them.

Media tree in tabbed mode

Media tree in windowed mode

OSD and subtitle rendering in action.

Audio configuration

Audio Filters

Video configuration

Video filters

Text subtitle options

General configuration

OSD configuration

Logwindow configuration

Assorted features