Gmerlin transcoder

This is a transcoder for all multimedia formats, for which input plugins exist. It has a track queue, which lets you configure the options for each track. If you start transcoding, all tracks of the list will be transcoded in a batch process.

Below you see some screenshots. Click the images to enlarge them

The main window

General track configuration

Metadata configuration

Libquicktime encoder configuration

Audio settings

Video settings

Configuration of the deinterlacing filter

Options for rendering text subtitles

Configuration of the H.264/AVC encoder

Configuration for audio CD creation

General features

Output formats

Output formats cover a wide range from highly compressed consumer formats to uncompressed formats for later editing. Since it reads and writes fairly compatible Quicktime files, it can be used in conjunction with video editors like cinelerra or openmovieeditor.

For a full list of supported output formats, see the sections about Audio encoders, Video encoders, text- and overlay subtitle encoders and Audio/Video encoders.