The following are only the plugins, you can download from this site. Gmerlin applications also load ladspa, libvisual and frei0r plugins.

Media input
Audio output
Video output
Audio recorder
Video recorder
Encoders for audio
Encoders for video
Encoders for text subtitles
Encoders for overlay subtitles
Encoders for multiple stream types
Encoder postprocessors
Image readers
Image writers
Audio filters
Video filters

Media input

Internal namei_avdec
External nameAVDecoder plugin
DescriptionPlugin based on the Gmerlin avdecoder library. Supports most media formats. Playback is supported from files, URLs (with various protocols) and stdin.

Internal namei_cdaudio
External nameAudio CD player/ripper
DescriptionPlugin for audio CDs. Supports both playing with direct connection from the CD-drive to the souncard and ripping with cdparanoia. Metadata are obtained from Musicbrainz, freedb or CD-text. Metadata are cached in $HOME/.gmerlin/cdaudio_metadata.

Internal namei_dvd
External nameDVD Player
DescriptionPlugin for playing DVDs. Based on Gmerlin avdecoder.

Internal namei_vcd
External nameVCD Player
DescriptionPlugin for playing VCDs. Based on Gmerlin avdecoder.

Internal namei_dvb
External nameDVB Player
DescriptionPlugin for playing DVB streams from a Linux-DVB compatible card. Based on Gmerlin avdecoder.

Internal namei_singlepic_stills
External nameStill image input plugin
ModuleInternal plugin
DescriptionThis plugin reads images as stills. It uses the installed image readers.

Internal namei_lqt
External namelibquicktime input plugin
DescriptionInput plugin based on libquicktime

Internal namei_edl
External nameParser for gmerlin EDLs
DescriptionThis parses the XML file and exports an EDL, which can be played with the builtin EDL decoder.

Internal namei_singlepic
External nameImage video input plugin
ModuleInternal plugin
DescriptionThis plugin reads series of images as a video. It uses the installed image readers.

Internal namei_mikmod
External namemikmod input plugin
DescriptionSimple wrapper, which calls the mikmod program

Internal namei_gmerlerra
External nameGmerlerra plugin
DescriptionRenderer for gmerlerra projects

Audio output

Internal nameoa_alsa
External nameAlsa
DescriptionAlsa output plugin with support for channel configurations up to 5.1

Internal nameoa_pulse
External namePulseAudio
DescriptionPulseAudio output

Internal nameoa_jack
External nameJack
DescriptionJack output plugin

Internal nameoa_oss
External nameOSS
DescriptionOSS output driver

Internal nameoa_esd
External nameEsounD output driver
DescriptionEsounD output driver

Video output

Internal nameov_x11
External nameX11
DescriptionX11 display driver with support for XVideo, XImage and OpenGL. Shared memory (XShm) is used where available.

Audio recorder

Internal namei_alsa
External nameAlsa
DescriptionAlsa recorder

Internal namei_jack
External nameJack
DescriptionJack recorder

Internal namei_oss
External nameOSS
DescriptionOSS Recorder

Internal namei_esd
External nameEsounD input driver
DescriptionEsounD input driver

Internal namei_pulse
External namePulseAudio
DescriptionPulseAudio capture. You can specify the source, where we'll get the audio.

Video recorder

Internal namei_v4l2
External nameV4L2
Descriptionvideo4linux 2 recording plugin. Supports only video and no tuner decives.

Internal namei_v4l
External nameV4L
Descriptionvideo4linux recording plugin. Supports only video and no tuner decives.

Internal namei_x11
External nameX11
DescriptionX11 grabber

Encoders for audio

Internal namee_wav
External nameWave writer
DescriptionSimple writer for wave files, supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM

Internal namee_speex
External nameSpeex encoder
DescriptionEncoder for Speex files

Internal namee_flacogg
External nameFlac in Ogg encoder
DescriptionEncoder for flac streams in Ogg containers. Based on libflac (

Internal namee_flac
External nameFlac encoder
DescriptionEncoder for flac files. Based on libflac (

Internal namee_lame
External nameLame mp3 encoder
DescriptionEncoder for mp3 files. Based on lame ( Supports CBR, ABR and VBR as well as ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags.

Internal namee_mpegaudio
External nameMPEG-1 layer 1/2 audio encoder
DescriptionEncoder for elementary MPEG-1 layer 1/2 audio streams. Based on mjpegtools (

Internal namee_faac
External nameFaac encoder
DescriptionPlugin for encoding AAC streams (with ADTS headers). Based on faac (

Internal namee_ffmpeg_audio
External nameFFmpeg audio encoder
DescriptionPlugin for encoding various audio formats with ffmpeg (

Internal namee_vorbis
External nameVorbis encoder
DescriptionEncoder for Vorbis files

Encoders for video

Internal namee_y4m
External nameyuv4mpeg2 encoder
DescriptionEncoder for yuv4mpeg files. Based on mjpegtools (

Internal namee_mpegvideo
External nameMPEG-1/2 video encoder
DescriptionEncoder for elementary MPEG-1/2 video streams. Based on mjpegtools (

Internal namee_singlepic
External nameSinglepicture encoder
ModuleInternal plugin
DescriptionThis plugin encodes a video as a series of images. It uses the installed image writers.

Internal namee_ffmpeg_video
External nameFFmpeg video encoder
DescriptionPlugin for encoding various video formats with ffmpeg (

Encoders for text subtitles

Internal namee_subtext
External nameText subtitle exporter
DescriptionPlugin for exporting text subtitles. Supported formats are MPSub and SRT

Encoders for overlay subtitles

Internal namee_spumux
External namespumux overlay exporter
DescriptionExports overlay subtitles into the format used by spumux (

Encoders for multiple stream types

Internal namee_lqt
External nameQuicktime encoder
DescriptionEncoder based on libquicktime ( Writes Quicktime, AVI (optionally ODML), MP4, M4A and 3GPP. Supported codecs range from high quality uncompressed formats for professional applications to consumer level formats like H.264/AVC, AAC, MP3, Divx compatible etc. Also supported are chapters and text subtitles

Internal namee_theora
External nameTheora encoder
DescriptionEncoder for Theora files. Audio can be Vorbis, Flac or Speex.

Internal nameb_ogg
External nameOgg Broadcaster
DescriptionBroadcaster for Ogg streams using libshout. Supports vorbis, theora and speex.

Internal namee_ffmpeg
External nameFFmpeg audio/video encoder
DescriptionPlugin for encoding various audio/video formats with ffmpeg (

Internal namee_mpeg
External nameMPEG 1/2 program/system stream encoder
DescriptionEncoder for regular .mpg files as well as VCD and DVD streams. Based on mjpegtools (

Encoder postprocessors

Internal namee_pp_cdrdao
External nameAudio CD generator/burner
DescriptionThis is a frontend for generating audio CD images (optionally with CD-Text) for cdrdao ( Optional burning is also supported.

Internal namee_pp_vcdimager
External nameVCD image generator/burner
DescriptionThis is a frontend for generating (S)VCD images with the vcdimager tools ( Burning with cdrdao ( is also possible.

Image readers

Internal nameir_gavl
External nameGAVL image reader
DescriptionReader for GAVL images

Internal nameir_pnm
External namePNM reader
DescriptionReader for PBM/PGM/PPM images

Internal nameir_tga
External nameTGA reader
DescriptionReader for TGA images

Internal nameir_bmp
External nameBMP reader
DescriptionReader for BMP images

Internal nameir_png
External namePNG reader
DescriptionReader for PNG images

Internal nameir_jpeg
External nameJPEG reader
DescriptionReader for JPEG images

Internal nameir_tiff
External nameTIFF reader
DescriptionReader for TIFF images

Image writers

Internal nameiw_jpeg
External nameJPEG writer
DescriptionWriter for JPEG images

Internal nameiw_pnm
External namePPM writer
DescriptionWriter for PPM images

Internal nameiw_bmp
External nameBMP writer
DescriptionWriter for BMP images

Internal nameiw_png
External namePNG writer
DescriptionWriter for PNG images

Internal nameiw_tga
External nameTGA writer
DescriptionWriter for TGA images

Internal nameiw_tiff
External nameTIFF writer
DescriptionWriter for TIFF images

Internal nameiw_gavl
External namegavl image writer
DescriptionWriter for GAVL images

Audio filters

Internal namefa_sampleformat
External nameForce sampleformat
DescriptionThis forces a sampleformat as input for the next filter. Its mainly used for testing.

Internal namefa_volume
External nameVolume control
DescriptionSimple volume control

Video filters

Internal namefv_onedtv
External name1DTV
Description1DTV is one of the most amazing effect, but that algorithm is very easy. The horizontal green line is the current scanning position and it moves down every frame. So only moving objects is distorted. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_agingtv
External nameAgingTV
DescriptionAgingTV ages video input stream in realtime. Discolors, scratches, puts dust. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_baltantv
External nameBaltanTV
DescriptionBaltanTV is similar to the StreakTV,but BaltanTV makes after images longer than that. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_blur
External nameBlur
DescriptionBlur filter based on gavl. Supports triangular, box and gauss blur.

Internal namefv_brokentv
External nameBrokenTV
DescriptionBrokenTV simulates mistuned television or mistracking video image. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_burningtv
External nameBurningTV
DescriptionThe name describes itself. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_chameleontv
External nameChameleonTV
DescriptionWhen you are still in the sight of the camera for a second, you will be vanishing into the background, and disappear. When you move again, you will appear normally. By contrast, when you switch from "disappearing mode" to "appearing mode", moving objects are not shown, and a still object appears after seconds. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_colorbalance
External nameColorbalance
DescriptionApply gain for red, green and blue. RGB formats are processed directly, Y'CbCr formats are processed by the colormatrix.

Internal namefv_colstreaktv
External nameColstreakTV
DescriptionMake after images but the power of the effects are different between red, green and blue layers, so it provides colourful after images. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_cropscale
External nameCrop & Scale
DescriptionCrop and scale video images. Has lots of standard video formats as presets. Can also do chroma placement correction and simple deinterlacing

Internal namefv_cycletv
External nameCycleTV
DescriptionCycleTV randomly cycles the color palette. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_decimate
External nameDecimate
DescriptionSkip almost identical frames

Internal namefv_deinterlace
External nameDeinterlacer
DescriptionDeinterlace with various algorithms

Internal namefv_dicetv
External nameDiceTV
DescriptionDiceTV 'dices' the screen up into many small squares, each defaulting to a size of 16 pixels by 16 pixels.. Each square is rotated randomly in one of four directions: up (no change), down (180 degrees, or upside down), right (90 degrees clockwise), or left (90 degrees counterclockwise). The direction of each square normally remains consistent between each frame. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_difftv
External nameDiffTV
DescriptionDiffTV highlights interframe differences. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_tcdisplay
External nameDisplay timecodes
DescriptionBurn timecodes into video frames

Internal namefv_displaywalltv
External nameDisplaywallTV
DescriptionDisplay the tiled video images. You can scroll the image or change the scale. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_dottv
External nameDotTV
DescriptionDotTV converts gray scale images to set of dots. It is hard to recognize what is shown when your eyes are close to the monitor. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_edgetv
External nameEdgeTV
DescriptionDetects edges and display it like good old low resolution computer way. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_edgeblurtv
External nameEdgeblurTV
DescriptionDetects edge and display it with motion blur effect. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_equalizer
External nameEqualizer
DescriptionControl hue, saturation, contrast and brightness. For Y'CbCr, it uses routines based on the vf_eq and vf_hue filters from the MPlayer project. For RGB formats, it uses the colormatrix.

Internal namefv_firetv
External nameFireTV
DescriptionFireTV clips moving objects and burns it. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_flip
External nameFlip image
DescriptionFlip video images horizontally and/or vertically

Internal namefv_framerate
External nameForce framerate
DescriptionForces a framerate as input for the next filter. Its mainly used for testing.

Internal namefv_pixelformat
External nameForce pixelformat
DescriptionForces a pixelformat as input for the next filter. Its mainly used for testing.

Internal namefv_interlace
External nameInterlace
DescriptionInterlace video images. Output has half the input framerate.

Internal namefv_invert
External nameInvert RGBA
DescriptionInvert single color channels. RGB(A) formats are processed directly, Y'CbCr(A) formats are processed with the colormatrix.

Internal namefv_lenstv
External nameLensTV
DescriptionLensTV - Based on Old school Demo Lens Effect. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_lifetv
External nameLifeTV
DescriptionYou can play John Horton Conway's Life Game with video input. Moving objects drop seeds on the game field. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_matrixtv
External nameMatrixTV
DescriptionThe Matrix's visual effect has been metamorphosed to the realtime video effect. Edge-enhanced input image is reflected to the brightness of falling letters. Blending with the input image is also available. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_mosaictv
External nameMosaicTV
DescriptionMosaicTV censors the incoming objects and gives it mosaic effect. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_halftv
External nameNervousHalfTV
DescriptionSimuraTV and NervousTV mixed, make more magic! Delaying, scratching or our famous "nervous" effect can be added to a half of the screen. Additionally you can add mirroring effect to it. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_nervoustv
External nameNervousTV
DescriptionNervousTV randomly re-arranges the past second of video, creating a chaotic expression of past movements. It shuffles time. There is no effect on still images. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_noisetv
External nameNoiseTV
DescriptionBlack & White noise is rendered over the incoming objects. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_oldcolor
External nameOld color
DescriptionSimulate old color- and B/W movies

Internal namefv_optv
External nameOpTV
DescriptionTraditional black-white optical animation is now resurrected as a real-time video effect. Input images are binarized and combined with various optical pattern. You can change its animation speed and direction with a keyboard. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_puptv
External namePupTV
DescriptionPupTV does pup mark effect on the video input. The pup is caused by a motion or random rain drops. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_quarktv
External nameQuarkTV
DescriptionQuarkTV dissolves moving objects. It picks up pixels from the last eight frames randomly. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_colormatrix_rgb
External nameRGB Colormatrix
DescriptionGeneric colormatrix (RGBA). You pass the coefficients in RGB(A) coordinates, but the processing will work in Y'CbCr(A) as well.

Internal namefv_rdstv
External nameRandomDotStereoTV
DescriptionRdsTV does rds mark effect on the video input. The rds is caused by a motion or random rain drops. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_revtv
External nameRevTV
DescriptionRevTV acts like a video waveform monitor for each line of video processed. This creates a pseudo 3D effect based on the brightness of the video along each line. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_rippletv
External nameRippleTV
DescriptionRippleTV does ripple mark effect on the video input. The ripple is caused by a motion or random rain drops. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_rndmtv
External nameRndmTV
DescriptionRndmTV give you a noisy picture in color or B/W. Inspired by the old days when reception was poor. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_shagadelictv
External nameShagadelicTV
DescriptionOh behave, ShagedelicTV makes images shagadelic! Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_shift
External nameShift image
DescriptionUpshift 16 bit images, where only some lower bits are used

Internal namefv_simuratv
External nameSimuraTV
DescriptionThe origin of SimuraTV is "SimuraEffect", a VJ (Video Jockey) tool I made in 1995. Color effect and image mirroring are all of SimuraTV. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_slofasttv
External nameSlofastTV
DescriptionSloFastTV plays back the current video input at non-constant speed: while the buffer fills the video is played back at half the frame rate, when the buffer is full it plays back at the double rate until it has caught up with the live video again. This causes the actual image to be delayed from 0 to about half a second. Movements that previously had a constant speed will appear very slow and then very fast. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_sparktv
External nameSparkTV
DescriptionBright sparks run on incoming objects. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_spiraltv
External nameSpiralTV
DescriptionI admit that 'SpiralTV' is a misnomer; it doesn't actually spiral. What it does do is segment the screen image into a series of concentric circles, each of which is slightly out of phase (timewise) from its neighbors. Or to put it more simply, it really messes with changing (i.e. Moving) objects onscreen! Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_streaktv
External nameStreakTV
DescriptionStreakTV makes after images of moving objects. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_tlp
External nameTemporal lowpass
DescriptionSimple temporal lowpass

Internal namefv_timedisttv
External nameTimedistTV
DescriptionDistorts moving objects in the sight. When it detects a moving part, it rollbacks to an old frame around that. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_transform
External nameTransform
DescriptionTransform the image with different methods

Internal namefv_transformtv
External nameTransformTV
DescriptionTransformTV does transform mark effect on the video input. The transform is caused by a motion or random rain drops. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_tctweak
External nameTweak timecodes
DescriptionReplace/remove/interpolate timecodes

Internal namefv_vertigotv
External nameVertigoTV
DescriptionVertigoTV is a loopback alpha blending effector with rotating and scaling. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_warholtv
External nameWarholTV
DescriptionWarholTV offers some effects like Andy Warhol's series of paintings; 'Marilyn', 'Marilyn Three Times', 'Four Marilyns' etc. Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_warptv
External nameWarpTV
DescriptionWarpTV does realtime goo'ing of the video input. based on warp-1.1 SDL demo by Sam Latinga ( Original version by Emmanuel Marty . Ported from EffecTV (

Internal namefv_colormatrix_yuv
External nameY'CbCr(A) Colormatrix
DescriptionGeneric colormatrix (Y'CbCrA). You pass the coefficients in Y'CbCr(A) coordinates, but the processing will work in RGB(A) as well.

Internal namefv_zoom
External nameZoom
DescriptionZoom horizontally and/or vertically


Internal namevis_scope
External nameScope
DescriptionScope plugin

Internal namevis_lemuria
External nameLemuria
DescriptionOpenGL visualization with many effects

Internal namevis_goom
External nameGoom
DescriptionGoom plugin