08. Jun 2012 gavl-1.4.0 released

This brings a generic metadata container, which is used by all gmerlin applications. Having the same thing defined twice in gmerlin and gmerlin-avdecoder wasn't a good idea.

08. Jun 2012 gmerlin-1.2.0 released

08. Jun 2012 gmerlin-avdecoder-1.2.0 released

08. Jun 2012 gmerlin-encoders-1.2.0 released

29. Mar 2012 Prereleases

New prereleases are available, which bring lots of bugfixes, some new features and new formats for de- and encoding. Grab them here:

08. Jan 2011 gmerlin-1.0.0 released

This release brings support for compressed streams in the transcoder, configuration presets and lots of minor improvements and fixes.

As far as major features are concerned, the gmerlin suite is now finished. Future developments will mostly concentrate on bugfixes. There are some ideas for new features, but no concrete plans.

08. Jan 2011 gavl-1.2.0 released

This brings support for compressed streams as well as some new utility functions.

08. Jan 2011 gmerlin-avdecoder-1.1.0 released

This brings support for reading compressed streams and greatly improved sample accuracy.

27. Feb 2010: Post release fixes

Fixed packages for gmerlin, gmerlin-avdecoder and gmerlin-encoders are available. The gmerlin-all-in-one package was also updated.

24. Feb 2010: gavl-1.1.2 released

24. Feb 2010: gmerlin-avdecoder-1.0.2 released

24. Feb 2010: gmerlin-0.4.2 released

24. Feb 2010: lemuria-2.1.0 released

This brings better OpenGL detection in the configure script and adaption to the current gmerlin API. No new effects were added.

13. Jul 2009: gavl-1.1.1 released

13. Jul 2009: gmerlin-avdecoder-1.0.1 released

13. Jul 2009: gmerlin-0.4.1 released

17. Dec 2008: gavl-1.1.0 released

17. Dec 2008: gmerlin-avdecoder-1.0.0 released

Gmerlin-avdecoder now has all features, which where initially planned (plus much more). Therefore, the version is 1.0.0.

17. Dec 2008: gmerlin-0.4.0 released

22. July 2008: gavl-1.0.1 released

Some minor cleanups and fixes.

22. July 2008: gmerlin-avdecoder-0.1.8 released

22. July 2008: gmerlin-effectv-1.0.0 released

These are gmerlin ports of some of the EffecTV filters. Get them at the download page.

22. July 2008: gmerlin-0.3.8 released

This release fixes lots of bugs and compilation errors. A new feature is support for EDLs.

13. May 2008: gavl-1.0.0 released

New in this release are grayscale formats, floating point Y'CbCr(A), SSE and SSE2 accelerated routines and 64 bit audio samples. gavl is now considered API stable and ready for production use. Please note that for compiling gmerlin against gavl-1.0.0, you need the latest CVS version.

19. January 2008:gavl benchmarks available

Benchmarks are generated automatically. To do benchmarks yourself, get gavl from CVS, compile it and type

./benchmark -a -html

in the src directory. Without the -html option, you'll get plain text output.

09. January 2008:gavl-0.2.7, gmerlin-0.3.7, gmerlin-encoders-0.2.5, gmerlin-avdecoder-0.1.7 and lemuria-2.0.0 releasesd
New in this release are DVB(-T) support, string translations, A/V filters, a new music visualization architecture and some minor goodies

02. July 2007: lemuria-1.2.2 released.
This brings some new visualizations and a few bugfixes. It's the last lemuria release as an xmms-1.x plugin.

30. November 2006:gavl-0.2.5, gmerlin-0.3.5, gmerlin-visualizer-1.0.5, gmerlin-encoders-0.2.3 and gmerlin_avdec-0.1.4 releasesd
This release brings mostly bugfixes, new documentation and some smaller new features.

11. July 2006: gavl-0.2.4, gmerlin-0.3.4, gmerlin-visualizer-1.0.4, gmerlin-encoders-0.2.2 and gmerlin_avdec-0.1.3 releasesd
This release brings support for OSD, subtitles and (finally) DVD playback. 3. February 2006: gavl-0.2.3, gmerlin-0.3.3, gmerlin-visualizer-1.0.3, gmerlin-encoders-0.2.1 and gmerlin_avdec-0.1.3 releasesd
This release focusses mostly on video features. New features are:

6. June 2005: gmerlin-dependencies and gmerlin-all-in-one fixed
There was a tiny bug in both packages, which caused compilation to fail on some systems. If you don't want to download the huge files again, edit the file tools/ in each package and change the second line from
find -name '*?' -type d -maxdepth 1
find -name '[^.]*' -type d -maxdepth 1
Furthermore, if you install gmerlin-all-in-one into the default directory (/usr/local), you might need to set the enviroment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH before:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
It turns out, that you need a quite recent linux distribution, also because the dependencies require some features not found in older distributions.

4. June 2005: gavl-0.2.2, gmerlin-0.3.2, gmerlin-visualizer-1.0.2 and gmerlin_avdec-0.1.2 releasesd
This release brings Audio CD playback to gmerlin and makes the transcoder a full featured CD-Ripper which writes wav, OggVorbis, mp3, flac and AAC. New features include:

16. Jan. 2005 Files fixed
Due to a problem in the file release system at sourceforge, some files uploaded yesterday were terribly broken. All files on the download page (source and rpm) should be fixed now. We apologize for any inconvenience.

15. Jan. 2005 gavl-0.2.1, gmerlin-0.3.1, gmerlin-visualizer-1.0.1 and gmerlin_avdec-0.1.1 releasesd

15. Jan. 2005 lemuria-1.2.1 releasesd
This release brings no new visualizations (sorry, no time for that) but fixes some serious bugs. 21. July 2004 gmerlin-0.3.0 releasesd
After more than 2 years of silence, gmerlin is back on the road. It's a complete rewrite of the code. Right now, it doesn't have all the features of the 0.1.x series. These are the main things, that changed: 21. July 2004 lemuria-1.2.0 released
The XaoS realtime fractal zoomer is now integrated in the source for rendering animated fractals into lemurias backgrounds. Some other weird stuff was also added. Grab it at the download page.

21. July 2004 New Website online
In preparation of the upcoming releases, the website got a new face.