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This is the API documentation for the Gmerlin library, a multimedia framework.

Click Modules (on top of the page) to get to the main API index. Here, you find just some general blabla :)

Gmerlin is a multimedia framework, which allows you to quickly develop multimedia applications. It is built upon gavl (for low level Audio/Video things) and libxml2 (for loading and saving configuration data and other things). The gmerlin API can be used at multiple levels: Either you take the basic things like plugins, fifos, message-queues and gavl audio/video converters and build your own media engine. The other possibility is to use the player or transcoder engines directly. The latter approach is probably easier, but you'll have less freedom in controlling the process.

Thread safety

All modules (except Logging) are context based, i.e. we never change any global structures. This means, all modules are thread save per instance. For most low-level modules, the application must, however, take care that the instances are not accessed from multiple threads simultaneously.

Plugin handles (see bg_plugin_handle_t) already have a mutex, which can be locked/unlocked (see bg_plugin_lock, bg_plugin_unlock)

Character set

All strings returned from (or passed to) gmerlin should be considered UTF-8, with the only exception being filenames, which must be in the system character set (which is also UTF-8 on modern systems). Special care is taken, that different character sets are always converted. If you find a place, where this is not true, please report it as a bug.

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