gavl_audio_format_t Struct Reference
[Audio format definitions]

Audio Format. More...

#include <gavl.h>

Data Fields

int samples_per_frame
int samplerate
int num_channels
gavl_sample_format_t sample_format
gavl_interleave_mode_t interleave_mode
float center_level
float rear_level
gavl_channel_id_t channel_locations [GAVL_MAX_CHANNELS]

Detailed Description

Audio Format.

Structure describing an audio format. The samples_per_frame member is used exclusively by gavl_audio_frame_create to determine how many bytes to allocate.

Field Documentation

Maximum number of samples per frame


Number of channels

Sample format

Interleave mode

linear factor for mixing center to front

linear factor for mixing rear to front

Which channel is stored where

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