EDL support
[Decoding of multimedia streams]

EDL support. More...

Data Structures

struct  bgav_edl_segment_t
 One segment of a physical stream to appear in a logical stream. More...
struct  bgav_edl_stream_t
 A locical stream. More...
struct  bgav_edl_track_t
 A locical track. More...
struct  bgav_edl_s
 EDL structure. More...


typedef struct bgav_edl_s bgav_edl_t
 Forward declaration.


BGAV_PUBLIC bgav_edl_tbgav_get_edl (bgav_t *bgav)
 Get an EDL from an open decoder.
BGAV_PUBLIC void bgav_edl_dump (const bgav_edl_t *e)
 Dump an EDL to stderr.

Detailed Description

EDL support.

Most media files contain one or more A/V streams. In addition however, there can be additional instructions, how the media should be played back. Basically you can have "logical" streams, where the EDL tells how they are composed from phyiscal streams.

To use EDLs with Gmerlin-avdecoder, call bgav_get_edl, make a local copy of the EDL structure and call bgav_close.

Some files contain only the EDL (with external references) but no actual media streams. In this case, bgav_num_tracks will return 0.

Gmerlin-avdecoder has no means of composing the logical EDL tracks from physical files. The Gmerlin library has an edl decoder plugin.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct bgav_edl_s bgav_edl_t

Forward declaration.

Function Documentation

BGAV_PUBLIC bgav_edl_t* bgav_get_edl ( bgav_t bgav  ) 

Get an EDL from an open decoder.

bgav A decoder instance
The edl or NULL
BGAV_PUBLIC void bgav_edl_dump ( const bgav_edl_t e  ) 

Dump an EDL to stderr.

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